Case Results

First Degree Murder By Firearm With Gang Enhancements

Client was accused of being the shooter while riding a bicycle in a cross-racial murder with Gang and Firearm Enhancements in South Los Angeles, which was prosecuted by 2 Hard Core Gang District Attorneys. There were 3 female survivors in the vehicle who testified at trial and Client was charged with an attempted murder for each and shooting at a vehicle with the same enhancements. The Police recovered Client’s DNA on a bicycle left in the street, part of the incident was captured on video and a firearm was found at the crime scene allegedly dropped by the shooter. In addition, the murder was tied to a high-profile case within the local community.

Nicholas Rosenberg got a DNA expert and thoroughly cross-examined their DNA expert and put on an affirmative case calling a firearms expert and 2 gang experts at trial. The Judge excluded the defense that the victim of the shooting was going to testify against the Police in a wrongful death lawsuit for, so the jury did not hear the full backstory.


Battery Case & Restraining Order

Client charged with battery on the girlfriend of the father of her child. Girlfriend then sought a restraining order against client. After a hearing with the City Attorney, criminal charges are not filed, and after a hearing on the restraining order the Judge denied the Girlfriend’s restraining order.


Robbery Charges

Robbery Charges at Clara Shortridge Foltz Courthouse Downtown. Client arrested for Robbery charges after dispute with Jeweler in Diamond District. Client called Nicholas Rosenberg who immediately met with client at Police Station lock up, got facts, and negotiated with District Attorney the next day to dismiss felony charges at arraignment.


Robbery Charges

Client rejects all offers and goes to jury trial. An alleged victim identifies him, his car and license plate, and Police find a replica gun in his dresser. After thoroughly investigating the case, Attorney puts on several witnesses, including Client, who was facing a strike and up to five years in prison if convicted.


Assault With A Deadly Weapon

Client is arrested for felony charges including Assault with a Deadly Weapon, a Car, for allegedly trying to run her husband and his mistress off the road. Nicholas Rosenberg begins negotiation process. Case is filed as five misdemeanor charges for Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Child Endangerment, Reckless Driving and Driving without a Driver’s License. First, got the restraining order against female client dropped. Next, case was dismissed altogether.


Drugs For Sale, Weapons & Body Armor

Client had a strike prior and faced over 18 years in prison from drugs for sale, weapons, ammunition and body armor charges during alleged probation search. Attorney Rosenberg filed a Motion to Suppress and a Motion to Discover Personnel Records on the police officers and continued to thoroughly investigate the case resulting in the District Attorney Dismissing all charges.


Assault With A Deadly Weapon & Domestic Violence

Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Domestic Violence. Client is arrested for felony charges, there is cell phone video of her with a knife attacking her male friend. Nicholas Rosenberg contacted the Detective from LAPD, urged them to send it to City Attorney Hearing Unit, which they did. A short while later, this case was dismissed, and the arrest changed to a detention to aid client in her immigration case.


Lewd And Lascivious Act On A Minor 15 Years Old & Defendant More Than Ten Years Older

Lewd and Lascivious Act on a Minor 15 Years Old and Defendant More than Ten Years Older
Client was charged with lewd and lascivious contact with a 15-year-old minor while being more than 10 years older. After requesting the physical DNA lab results, Attorney recommended rejecting offer before preliminary hearing sensing there might be a witness problem. Case was dismissed at preliminary hearing, with client avoiding potential prison term and sex offender registration.


Conviction Reversed & New Murder Trial Granted

Client was convicted in a cold case for murder charges and raised the issue of juror misconduct on appeal from a life in prison sentence. The case went up to the California Supreme Court twice and ultimately was sent back for a hearing on what the facts of the juror misconduct were, and, even if the jurors did mention the fact that the defendants did not testify, was it prejudicial to the jury trial. Client’s family had been consulting with Attorney Nicholas Rosenberg for some time and hired him to handle the evidentiary hearing and fight to get a new trial.

After getting an independent investigator and bringing a witness who was avoiding subpoenas for months into court, and treating the case just like a trial, Nicholas Rosenberg was able to prevail on the motion for a new jury trial. Two days later, Attorney Nicholas Rosenberg successfully argued to reduce his client’s bail from $ 1 Million to One Hundred Thousand Dollars, and his client was released on bail after spending 5 years in prison. Using his litigation approach of investigation and consultation with expert witnesses, Nicholas Rosenberg was able to achieve a major victory and give his client a chance at getting a fair trial.


Two Strikes & Assault With A Deadly Weapon With Strike Prior

Client was charged with two strikes for criminal threats and assault with a deadly weapon and had a probation case in which he had a strike conviction and a three-year suspended sentence. After retaining an expert on firearms and thoroughly investigating the case and presenting the findings to the District Attorney, all charges were dropped and the Client avoided the three-year suspended prison term.